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Info & goodies on all incarnations of Lois Lane

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About this Community
This is a community for fans of all the incarnations of Lois Lane.
From all media; comics, cartoons, movies & TV shows.
If you're a fan of the girlfriend/wife of Superman then why not join us?
Want to make a public introduction entry to the community? then feel free to fill out this form to tell us about yourself.
Know a Lois Lane fan? please send them this way!! :)
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Community Rules
#1. Please be respectful & considerate to other fans when posting.
#2. Please no spamming, flames, trolling, in the community.

#3. Don't harass the members here or in their own journals.
#4. Bashing, anti/hate posts/comments won't be tolerated EVER period!
#5. Please use LJ-cuts when posting spoilers, big pics, more than 4 icons & long entries.
#6. Information, articles, interviews, news, spoilers posted require a link to the source in your entry.

#7. This is strictly a Community for Lois Lane from all incarnations, however subjects related for example; news of an actress who has played Lois has a new movie out or an icons post containing Lois paired with anybody (e.g Clois) or graphics that are Pro Lois is welcomed.
#8. Advertising any sites, comms, forums to do with Lois is allowed.
#9. Play nice & have fun!

#10. If you fail to follow the rules you'll be sent 1 warning (except for rules #2,3,4, they will result in You being permanently banned.)
What we're for What we're against
*Friendly discussion & fan essays
*fanart & fanfiction
*fan videos & fan mixes
*visual comparison studies
*news, spoilers, fun facts, trivia
*bashing, hate/anti-anything Lois and anything relative to Lois
*spamming, trolling, flames
*false or misleading info, media & pics (see rule #6 above)
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