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fic: The light of hidden flowers (Lois Lane/Wonder Woman) femslash, NC-17/Mature 
hello. new to the comm. been lurking for a bit. i bring fic.:

title: The light of hidden flowers
author: angharad governal (angharad_gov)
pairing: Wonder Woman/Lois Lane, hints of Lois Lane/Clark Kent and Wonder Woman/Lois Lane/Clark Kent
fandom: Wonder Woman/DCU, via my canon established in The Dinner
prompts for 100_women: 023: hair, 028: naked, 018: truth, 019: lies, 016: love, 037: possession, 038: obsession
rating: Mature/NC-17; femslash; hints of het
note: sequel/follow-up to The Dinner although it isn't necessary to read that fic to understand this one -- everything of importance in The Dinner is alluded to in Flowers.
disclaimers: wish they were mine, but alas, no.
comments (positive, negative, indifferent) are very welcome.

link to fic
diana - ww sans glasses
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